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The Spider Truck

The Spider Auto Vision Sludge Paul Andrews Oiltech Fuel Perth Truck Wraps

Here's a throw back to one of our most insane wraps to date. This wrap was completed and installed back in September, 2015, and is still going strong. The Spider truck was one of the most graphically complex designs, and we have yet to have a client top this wrap!

A bit about the client

Paul "Sludge" Andrews is one of those characters you can't quite seem to forget! As a fuel transport contractor for Oiltech Fuel, he certainly gets around all over WA. He's even been featured on the TV show Outback Truckers.

The Spider Auto Vision Sludge Paul Andrews Oiltech Fuel Perth Truck Wraps

The Spider is Sludge's second Peterbilt truck, following his also famous Phantom themed truck. Sludge is a regular at Auto Vision, coming in to see us with his crazy ideas, and we're always up for the challenge.

How we achieved the look

Sludge knew exactly what he wanted, the problem was that we had to combine several graphic elements to create this finished artwork.

High resolution stock images were sourced for the spider man image, and also for the lightning bolts.

These elements were then combined in many layers and with other textures to create depth and realness.

Following the hours of artwork, the graphics were ready to print and install. The Spider truck was at our shop for about a week to complete the installation.

Bonnet wrap graphics were added after the initial cab wrap as sludge felt the truck was incomplete without it. We even did some spider web graphics for the mirrors!

Oiltech Fuel tankers were also kitted out with purple flame graphics to match in with the two trucks. These were computer cut from matte purple that had been overlaminated with a tattoo film to make it metallic. This was before Avery brought out supreme metallic wrappable films.

We're hoping that one day Sludge decides to do another crazy themed truck so we can top this one!


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