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Truck & Trailer

Think of trucks not merely as vehicles but as large moving billboards ready to showcase your company's message wherever they go. At The Vision Group WA, we've harnessed the immense potential of these large assets by signwriting a diverse range of trucks, including not only the likes of freightliners and prime movers but also their accompanying trailers, such as refrigerated truck trailers and fuel tankers. We cater to a comprehensive spectrum of fleet vehicles, including tippers, concrete trucks, and more.

Our creative services include logos, graphics, scrolls, pinstriping, wrapping and large scale digital prints, allowing us to add a distinctive and personalized touch, or a professional and corporate look to your truck's appearance.

Moreover, our spacious workshop can accommodate trucks up to 12 meters in length, ensuring that even the largest freightliners and flatbed trucks can be installed within our meticulous installation environment. Turn your truck into an attention-grabbing mobile billboard.

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