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Indigenous Tanker

Indigenous Dot Painting Fuel Tanker Signage Wrap Perth

Imagine passing by a massive fuel tanker truck in the Pilbara, completely covered with Indigenous dot art? Well that's exactly what we created.

Two years ago, Centurion Transport contracted Aboriginal-owned Red Dirt Transport to run a 36 month fuel delivery deal. Red Dirt wanted to highlight the importance of Aboriginal employment and growth within the region. The company commissioned Yindjibarndi artist, Allery Sandy, to paint a traditional Aboriginal canvas to embellish three fuel tankers.

The 600 x 880mm original canvas was given to us in order to take large format, high resolution scans. The individual scans were imported into Photoshop and stitched together to create a seamless, high quality file.

The artwork was then digitally printed on our Mimaki JV-130SL using Arlon DFP 6000X. Each tanker took approximately two days to install with two installers.

A wet application was used to maintain a level job down the length of the tank, to prevent stretching with the curve of the tank, and due to the warmer weather during installation.

You can read more about the project at The Big Picture


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