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Curtin University Cart Wraps

Late last year we were approached by Curtin University to wrap some of their campus buggies. To start with, we had no idea what the final design would be, we just knew they would be wrapped in a full digital print.

When we received the final designs we were absolutely blown away by the quality, concept and originality.

We would love to share an in depth look at this young Perth artist, Rickiesha Deegan, who created the original artworks for the carts.

My name is Rickiesha Deegan and I’m a Kariyarra and Nyikina woman from the Pilbara. I create art to express my culture, mental health and explore my identity. Growing up as a young Aboriginal person, I often struggled with trying to find my place in the world. It was confusing for me and I didn’t understand a lot of the reasons why I felt uncomfortable in my skin. Art has been my way of expressing the deepest parts of me and being able to tell part of my story. I’ve gained strength in who I am and my culture and I want to share that with others and empower other First Nations people who may feel the same way to be proud, too.

The inspiration for the cart pieces ranged from identity, women empowering other women, human connection and allowing the mind to dream and create.

Curtin University commissioned the cart graphics to help support and promote awareness for reconciliation amongst staff and students on campus.

We thoroughly enjoyed bringing these wonderful creations to life by digitally printing and installing to the carts.

Check out Kiesh Designs on Instagram for more lovely creations.


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