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Full Wrap

Discover the power of full vehicle wraps in elevating your branding to the next level. These wraps, highly favored by Perth business owners, go beyond simple logos. They gracefully cover the intricate grooves and recesses of your vehicle, ensuring a seamless and striking presentation. To achieve this flawless fit, we utilize specialized wrap vinyl that is meticulously stretched and post-heated during installation.

Our commitment to fleet vehicle wraps is unwavering, and we've built a solid reputation as Perth's premier vehicle wrapping specialists over the past decade. With a dedicated team of highly skilled installers working every day of the week, we understand the precision and expertise required to deliver flawless wraps. It's this dedication to quality that keeps our clients returning for all their vehicle wrapping needs.  We only use world-renowned brands such as 3M, Avery, and Arlon to ensure that our wraps are of the highest quality.

Installation Time

A full wrap may take anywhere from 3-5+ days, depending on the complexity and coverage of your chosen wrap.

*Please note that we recommend against wrapping horizontal surfaces like bonnets and roofs due to the extreme UV conditions in Perth. Luckily, our experienced designers are aware and know how to discretely factor this in.

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