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Mine Specification & Fleet Identification

The demands of mine sites for vehicle and machinery identification are highly specific and strictly governed by their unique safety guidelines. At The Vision Group WA, we bring extensive experience to the table, allowing us to produce these decals in both large and small quantities while adhering to mine site-approved standards, including the use of 3M class 1 diamond-grade media.

Mine sites prioritize safety above all else, and this extends to the precise application of reflective striping, available in both 75mm and 50mm variants, fleet identification, safety decal kits, and instructional stickers. These  elements are installed across a wide range of assets, from light vehicles to heavy machinery and trucks, ensuring each vehicle is fully compliant and ready to operate safely.

Our dedication to precise installation and compliance ensures that your vehicles are equipped with the necessary identification decals that meet the standard safety requirements. Trust us to deliver solutions that keep your vehicles compliant and ready to enter the field.

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