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What Is A Vehicle Wrap?

Pretty much all vehicle signage is made out of vinyl, which comes in a variety of standard colours, and can also be digitally printed. The difference with wrap vinyl is that it can adapt to curves of a vehicle body.

If you use regular vinyl on a curved surface, there's a high chance it will pop out after a short period of time. Wrap vinyl is more expensive because it's designed to have a memory, which is set using heat during installation.

Wrap vinyl can be used to cover the entire surface of a vehicle, which means you can essentially change the colour of your car. This often brings up the question - Should I wrap or paint my car? Here are a few guidelines to help in your decision:

1. Wrapping is not the solution to cracked, faded or damaged paint. You need a decent paint job to begin with as any imperfections will show through the vinyl. The process of installing a wrap involves placing and re-positioning vinyl repetitively which can result in pieces of paint peeling and sticking to the glue, causing dis-adhesion.

2. The cost of vehicle wrapping is often around the same price as painting. Price is directly linked to quality, in both circumstances. You may be able to get a cheaper paint job than a vehicle wrap, but the quality and finish will be miles apart.

3. Removabilty is one of the perks of a vehicle wrap, so if you want this option, vehicle wrapping is most likely the way to go. This makes vehicle wrapping perfect for advertising!

Many companies decide to have their vehicles wrapped due to the wow factor that wraps create. Wraps also create recognition of your vehicle wherever it goes. Vehicles that are used to provide residential services look much more professional when they are wrapped, and the client can immediately recongnise and trust the business.

We usually recommend half wraps to clients looking for mobile advertising. A half wrap gives you the most "bang for your buck" so to say. You get the impact of a wrap, without the huge price tag.

A half wrap can also be installed within 2 days which means your vehicle will be back on the road in a short amount of time. We find that most half wraps come in around the $1500 - $2000 mark which covers some graphic design, the vinyl wrap media and installation.


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