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3M Printable Metallic Wrap

Sprinkle a little happiness everywhere!

We gave Betty's Suzuki Swift a little makeover recently. Using 3M printable metallic wrap media with overlaminate, we achieved this amazingly shiny effect.

The bonnet was originally wrapped in Avery MPI 1105 with overlaminate, and installed about 3 years ago. The photos in the gallery below show the condition of the vinyl after 3 years being exposed to direct sunlight most days.

We always make clients aware that graphics placed on the bonnet, the roof, or any horizontal surface will be exposed to direct UV, and therefore will break down quicker than graphics placed on the sides of a vehicle.

You can of course extend the life of horizontal graphics by:

1. Parking your vehicle under shade instead of direct sunlight

2. Applying a protective coating such as Avery Supreme Wrap Sealant

3. Ensuring that your wrap installer is qualified and that the print media and laminate are high quality. Laminate acts as the protective barrier against UV which is key for long lasting graphics.


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