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NAIDOC Week Fridge Graphics

Aboriginal Art Perth Centurion Transport NAIDOC Week Vision Signmakers

As part of NAIDOC week celebrations, we were approached by Centurion Transport to complete a very special project.

Phase one of the project involved painting a huge 4.5 metre length of primed canvas.

This was done by the Aboriginal trainees and employees of Centurion Transport, telling the story of the company and their culture in a visually stunning Aboriginal art piece.

The rivers coming from Australia represent Centurion's vision and mission. The rainbow serpent, an intrinsic part of Aboriginal Dreamtime, is also Want to add a caption to this image? Click the Settings icon. depicted.

The hand prints belong to Centurion employees who have been with the company for more than 15 years, along with aboriginal trainees who have been involved with Centurion's Indigenous program since its inception.

The native tree inside Australia symbolises grounding, with 25 branches and 25 roots, this represents 50 years of the CFC group.

The blue circles represent Centurion branches across Australia and the large yellow gathering point represents Perth Headquarters.

This canvas was then stretched, ready to hang, and present to Centurion Transport.

During the stretching process the canvas was also scanned at high resolution, and then digitally stitched together.

Our graphic designer adapted the artwork to suit the sides of a fridge trailer, replicating the artwork as required to ensure a perfect and seamless fit.

The digital artwork was printed in huge strips on our wide format printer, using a massive 62 metres of vinyl media.

The prints were then aired out, laminated and prepared for installation.

Installation was carried out by two of our installers, taking a day and a half to first remove the existing signage, and then fit the Aboriginal prints.

It has been a pleasure to work on such a culturally rich project, and to learn more about the symbolism behind Aboriginal art.

Check out this video for a detailed look at the entire process including a time lapse of the graphic installation!


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