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3 Rules To Make Your Vehicle Wrap Last Longer

One of the best ways you can extend the life of your vehicle wrap graphics is by looking after them properly. This post will share some tips and tricks that we have learnt along the way to get the most out of your investment.

1. Keep graphics out of the sun

The sun is the biggest enemy when it comes to any form of graphics. UV rays can eventually burn into even the very best laminate. Areas that receive direct hits from the sun such as the roof or bonnet will see the most damage.

This is why we often recommend clients to avoid these areas when possible, unless they are able to keep the vehicle out of direct sunlight majority of the time.

When sun exposure is unavoidable, we recommend to rotate your parking so that the vehicle receives equal exposure to sun. This means that the damage will be equally distributed rather than one side becoming significantly damaged over time.

2. Clean your graphics

The next most important step is to clean your graphics on a regular basis. Any surface contaminants such as dirt, grime and grease can slowly eat into the laminate and cause damage.

Mechanical or pressure washing is not recommended, we find that a simple hand wash with soapy water is the safest way to keep the graphics in good nick. Never use an abrasive detergent or cloth, and avoid waxing, polishing, paint or clear coats.

We also highly recommend using a cleaning system specifically designed for vehicle wrap care, such as the Avery Supreme Wrap Care system.

This 3 step system uses a cleaner, power cleaner and sealant to maintain graphics in premium condition, and we have noticed that this product does work. We even provide a free sample of Avery Sealant with every full vehicle wrap, and often use this product on our own fleet graphics.

Protect Your Vehicle Wrap Avery Supreme Wrap Care System

3. Choose a reputable company

Choosing a reputable company to install your vehicle wrap is one of the best ways to gurrantee a long wrap life. When a customer walks out the door with a new wrap installed by us, we genuinely care that they are getting the absolute best product we can give them.

It means a lot to us that the products we use are backed by us, and the suppliers with product warranties. We see a lot of customers who went for a cheap wrap only to have it replaced 2 years later. This is not our goal; we want our clients to get a minimum 5 years out of their wrap, if not more.

By following these simple instructions you are likely to get a premium vehicle wrap product that lasts for a long time.


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