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LED Logo and Textured Wallpaper

We're pleased to share with you, our new reception area!

The original reception area was looking a little tired and out-dated, so we redesigned the whole area to make it more modern.

Stage 1 - The Digital Wallpaper Print

We decided to use a new product from Avery Dennison - textured printable wall film! This film has a noticable texture which adds depth and interest to the wall. It comes in several different finishes, but we chose Crushed Stone - Avery Textured Wall Film MPI 2630

The reception wallpaper really adds a great vibe to the office, and is much more exciting than a blank wall!

Stage 2 - The LED Logo Sign

The second stage of our fitout involved production of an LED backlit logo sign.

Due to how thin the lettering was, we had to be very careful that the design allowed for the thickness of the LED strips so they would be hidden behind the lettering.

Each strip of LED lighting is soldered to form an entire circuit. We fed the cables through the wall and connected them on the other side.

Vinyl was applied to the face of the letters to give a more solid finish with a halo effect.

The look of neon signs is now easily achieved using LEDs, and can be a great way to add something a little special to both internal and external projects.


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