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Staff Spotlight!

Vision Signmakers Perth Harley Clements

Meet Harley, our production manager!

Most of the time you'll find Harley working on some serious graphic design for a client, in the print room, or out in the workshop installing a complicated wrap. He's responsible for making sure the quality of our signage is top notch, and is often the go to guy for technical project planning.

Harley started his signwriting career focusing on graphic design. He completed a Certificate IV in Graphic design in 2008 and then due to his interest in vinyl graphics, he ended up working as an apprentice signwriter for Auto Vision.

Harley mastered many signcrafting skills during his time at TAFE, including lightboxes, digital signage, acrylic shaping, hand painted signage and even gold leaf signs. He was named apprentice signwriter of the year, in 2013, and upon completion he won the Warren Rasmussen award.

Shortly after finishing his apprenticeship, Harley took part in the World Skills competition, winning both the regional and national gold medals for his signwriting skills. He took this further by participating in the gold medalist trip to Wales to complete a 3 week leadership course.

Harley has focused heavily on his wrapping skills, setting himself apart as one of the best vehicle wrappers in Perth, if not Australia. He has now built a reputation of being a highly skilled wrapper and is often sought out by clients specifically for the quality of his work.

Graphic Art Mart often asks Harley to help out at the Avery Dennison wrap workshops, showing newbies the ins and outs of vehicle wrapping. He has also been involved in the TAFE expos, performing live demonstrations of vehicle wrapping.

Harley looks forward to focusing on business development over the next few years to facilitate growth of the company.

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