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New Printer Mimaki CJV300-160

We are really excited to share this news with you! We've just had a brand new Mimaki CJV300-160 Print and Cut wide format printer set up at our workshop. Check out this video of the printer being delivered and installed.

Over the last few months the team have been busy constructing a purpose built print room which will be where the new printer lives along with our old printer (which is still going strong!).

Have a look through these photos to see the old print room being pulled down and then new one being constructed!

The new printer is jam packed with awesome features which means we can offer more to our clients. With a maximum printing speed of 105.9m2 per hour, we can pump out more than triple the amount of printed graphics. The machine also ejects ink in 3 different dot sizes which means images are expressed with less graininess. We'll also have less down time with inbuilt continuous operation support such as nozzle switching (machine will substitute defective nozzles with non-defective until a technician arrives), automatic nozzle cleaning and improved ink circulation.

In addition to the standard cyan, magenta, yellow and black inks, we will also be using light cyan and light magenta which means we will be able to colour match more accurately.

Benefits for our clients

Wider print width up to 1600mm wide

Significantly faster turnaround printing

Better quality print with less graininess

Improved colour matching

2 printers running simultaneously inhouse


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