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2018 Year in Review

2018 has been a big year for the team at Auto Vision. Looking back, we have achieved so much in a pretty short period of time!

We started out the year working on the Solstad Farstad fitout project.

This fitout pushed us to the limits in terms of time frame, design and printing.

The project required a decent amount of R&D to turn out what was required, and the finished result was spot on!

Behind the scenes, there was much work to be done at AV Headquaters, as we were busy preparing for a brand new printer to be delivered.

The whole office area was gutted and redesigned purposely so that the print room became the hub of the workplace.

We took delivery of the new Mimaki CJV300-160 in April, and it has been the biggest, and best change we have made.

We're now able to print much quicker than before, which means that we are able to keep up with increasing demand.

Which was incredibly lucky as we hit the ground running in June with one of the biggest remote project we've ever completed.

A massive rebrand accross Perth and Kalgoorlie branches meant that we had to be super organised. All stops were pulled in order to get all the graphics ready in time to be flown to Kalgoorlie.

It was during this time that we made long lasting business relationships with subcontractors located both in Perth and Kalgoorlie.

Following this crazy period, we started working on a massive NAIDOC week themed fridge trailer.

62 metres of digital print went through our new printer, and the graphics were installed over two days.

This year we have also put on two new employees. Jason has become our new tint installer, and Kayne our wrap installer.

We are preparing for a big one next year with many changes on the horizon. We're interested to see what the new year will bring!


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