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WDT Painted Signwriting

Painted Signs Perth Welshpool

Here's a flashback from early last year! We were contacted by Warehouse Direct Tiles who had a bit of a problem on their hands. They had a massive shopfront that was looking a little drab, and felt they were missing out on a lot potential customers from the busy road, just because they didn't stand out. Their original shopfront, pictured below, was just wasted advertising space! So we proposed painted signwriting to maximise the scale of advertising!

Original Unpainted Shopfront

As you can see, the building had a lot of large blank walls on both sides, along with an existing pylon sign that was blank. The client also wanted to indicate that their trade centre was to be accessed from the side driveway. So we came up with a plan of attack.

The team at Vision Signmakers painted huge signs on both side walls, a huge front wall and the two front fascias. We also reskined the existing pylon sign with brand new panels and cut vinyl lettering. Cut vinyl lettering (as opposed to printed vinyl) lasts a lot longer in the harsh Australian sun. We usually go for this option where possible to get the absolute maximum life out of our signs.

We made sure to match the vinyl colours to the paint colours to ensure an overall cosistent look for the building. The finished product has a lot of impact and definitely catches the attention of passing traffic! Painting the signage on both side walls ensures that the signage is visible to drivers travelling in both directions. Have a look through the gallery below for more images of this painted signage!


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