LED Rope - An Alternative To Neon

The glowing finish of real neon lights is a rare treat. A true neon sign consists of a glass tube filled with gas (Neon or argon gas depending on the intended colour). Neon signs are made by heating and shaping the glass tubing. The production process is extremely delicate and requires significant amount of skill and patience, which means it also ends up being costly.

The same finish can be replicated using LEDs instead of neon. LEDs offer an excellent alternative to neon signs

  1. They are cheaper because they are less time consuming to produce.

  2. The turnaround time is quicker as they dont need to be fabricated from scratch.

  3. They are easier to repair compared to neon signs which need to be re-gassed if broken.

  4. They will last longer than traditional neon signs. LEDs have the potential to last for 15 years depending on how many hours per day they are switched on.

Neon finish is quickly becoming a more saught after finish for Perth based business. If neon is something you'd like to consider for your signage, we can help you out using LED neon strip lighting instead of true neon. Reach out to us for a quote!