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Delf Architectural Signage

Acrylic Reception Sign

Delf Architectural have recently opened a new office in Belmont, and we were asked to help them out with their signage.

We started out with their reception sign which had to fit over existing holes in the marble wall. We designed an acrylic panel to perfectly fit into this space with the stainless steel mounts lining up exactly as required. We fixed frosting to the rear of a 2 metre wide clear acrylic panel, and attached blue acrylic lettering to the front. This floating acrylic style of signage is perfect for reception areas.

The client also chose to use acrylic for their shopfront fascia signage. This simple, yet effective, lettering was attached directly to the concrete fascia.

Acrylic Fascia Building Signage

We finished the signage off with some cut lettering opening hours for the entrance door and car parking bay signs. The parking bay signs are made on panels and fixed directly to the curbing. The overall combination of these elements gives the new office a super professional look.


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