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6 Practical Ways to Build Your Brand

Most of our work revolves around B2B (or business to business) which means we see a lot of Do's and Dont's. Our clients range from national companies, to small businesses; and we know that every business, no matter the size, can benefit from great branding. Your business brand sets you apart from your competitors, and can influence the way your customers feel about your products. Below are some tips we have put together to help you get started!

1. Get a great logo

There's nothing worse than sending out an invoice or email with a makeshift logo. Your logo will be used on almost everything related to your business, so it's important that it's spot on to begin with. Colour, wording, font, spacing and graphic elements all come together to form your one of a kind logo. Vision Signmakers provide a complete logo design service; starting from nothing! We draft up several preliminary designs for the client who then picks and chooses elements they like (or don't like!). Since we work with logos every day, we're in a good position to give you some guidance as to what works, and what doesn't! We can even improve on your existing logo if you feel it needs to be modernised.

2. Develop your vision

Entrepreneurs often overlook the need for a clear vision statement; without one the business will never have clear defined goals. It doesn't have to be overly complex, a simple sentence or two will suffice. Where do you see your business going in the next 5 years? Would you like to maximise profits, have more employees, or a bigger office? Without these goals, businesses tend to drift aimlessly.

2. Standardise

Consistency is key. After you've put all this effort into developing your logo and vision, it's important that it is the same everywhere. We see a lot of companies who make minor changes to their logo (perhaps stretching it slightly) but those small changes can seriously impact branding recognition over time. One small change can lead to a series of changes. A style guide can be an essential marketing tool for growing businesses as they assist all stakeholders in making the right choice for logo colouring, placement, size and proportions. Otherwise it really is the blind leading the blind!

3. Get your fleet advertising for you

On road advertising is invaluable, particularly if you already have a fleet of vehicles travelling around the Perth metro area. Vehicle wraps can completely or partially cover a vehicle, essentially acting as a mobile billboard for your business. The wrap can be removed with relative ease, drastically reducing the costs to update the advertising. Fleet signage also adds a professional touch to your business, allowing customers to immediately recognise your vehicle upon arrival.

4. Work your shop frontage

Shop front signs not only indicate to your customer where you are, they also build your brand recognition, improving trust and customer relationships. Think about the way McDonald's outfit's their shop front. They use their logo and colours along with consistent signage for each restaurant. You know exactly what you are getting when drive in because you recognise the branding. You would even recognise the branding if you were overseas. Illuminated LED signs can also be used to further increase night time exposure. We know how to maximise the advertising potential of your shop frontage by combining several elements of signage to give the full impact of your store.

5. Social media

Social media is your friend! We don't need to tell you this! Most companies are using social media channels to get themselves out there. Use this to your advantage. Post on as many channels as possible and keep your message consistent!

6. Be creative

Last but not least, get your creative juices flowing! Your branding doesn't need to be boring. The best branding we see involves a great logo, with a graphic print. They use fleet advertising and shopfront signage to further create consistency and trust.

Thanks for reading and if you need any help with your branding don't hesistate to contact us!

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