Plaque engraving.

We can cater to your engraving needs with a range of different substrates available for plaques, tags, labels and plates.


Traffolyte (or Rowmark): A multi layered plastic substrate, each layer is a different colour so when the product is engraved, the outer layer contrasts with the exposed inner core. The material is suitable for many industries including mining and electrical engineering.


Stainless steel or aluminium: Both of these materials are very strong and long lasting. Stainless steel can be engraved and paint filled - these types of plates will stand the test of time. Aluminium plates can be laser marked with lettering, and are the more economical option.

Stencils: Stencils can be cut from PVC plastic or aluminium, depending on the surface that needs to be spray painted. Most designs can be achieved with a little bit of tweaking by our graphic designer.