Gold leaf gilding.

Gold leaf signage is unfortunately a dying artform. However, we are still capable of installing this style of traditional signwriting. To achieve the stunning result of a reverse water gilded gold leaf sign on glass, knowledge, technique and patience is required.


The material itself is incredibly delicate and expensive; real 24 carat gold-leaf which comes in books of 25 leaves. Each leaf is an 8cm square and you only need to breathe a little too hard to ruin an entire leaf. Despite it’s temperamental nature, gold-leaf gives an undeniably luxurious feel to the finished sign, and is well worth the extra investment.

There is something very special about a sign that has been handcrafted using real gold foil, it gives immense satisfaction to both the observer and craftsman. We are keeping this dying craft alive because it lives at the heart of the signwriting trade, and is considered the pinnacle of traditional signpainter’s work.

Although it is a pricey finish, nothing really compares to real gold leaf signwriting. However, our signwriters are also able to create an imitation gold leaf look using gold vinyl instead of gold leaf. The finish isn’t quite as impressive as the real thing, but it comes pretty close!